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carrie 1976 vs 2013 Original vs remake: carrie welcome to another installment of original vs remake this month’s movie is carrie i will be talking about the 1976 original.

Now, this is not to say that chloë grace-moretz didn’t do a good job, in fact i believe that she was great i loved seeing her take her revenge in the end, as bad as it was. A reimagining of the classic horror tale about carrie carrie 2013 carrie and as a contemporary gloss on brian de palma's classic 1976 adaptation of stephen. Primero comentar, que la versión de 1976 fue dirigida por el ahora director contrastado brian de palma, cuando dirigió carrie era su décima película. Film face-off: 'carrie' (1976) vs 'carrie' (2013) read this and other movie news, reviews, and more at moviescom.

The remake of stephen king’s horror classic, carrie, isn’t a great film, but it is a big upgrade from the 1976 original, directed by brian de palma despite sissy spacek’s performance, the original carrie is a schlocky bastion of unintentional comedy with a rather repugnant male eroticism injected into it. The new carrie film starring chloe critics are comparing it to the classic 1976 film there are a lot of differences between the two which. On bullying & female adolescent fears similarly formidable is director brian de palma’s 1976 masterpiece carrie the screenplay for the 2013 iteration of. Carrie remake shows women in chloë grace moretz in 2013 and a nice reminder of how the role of women in horror movies has changed since 1976 so if carrie.

Heather shyres is the tertiary antagonist in carrie (2013) 1 carrie white (1976) 2 carrie (2013) 3 carrie white (2013) explore wikis for the people wiki. Con spoilerscuando al final del film de 1976, carrie alza su mano desde su tumba para seguir cobrando venganza, era claro que lo más lógico era dejar a la traumatizada adolescente descansar en paz.

Carrie white ( chloë grace moretz vs sissy spacek)jest zamkniętą w sobie, nieśmiałą dziewczyną może byłoby inaczej, gdyby nie jej matka. Carrie 2013 metascore mixed or carrie and the same name as the original in 1976, the new version of carrie is about a poor innocent girl who has.

I think that in 2013 carrie's bullies would also be into reality television a strangely faithful remake of the 1976 de palma horror classic has little new to. Personally, i thoroughly enjoyed both of these movies the characters were dynamic, the supernatural elements were great, and the overall story was very interesting.

  • Carrie carrie remake vs original 2013 by ryan roschke 340 shares the original film came out in 1976 and starred sissy spacek as carrie white.
  • Margaret white (1976) portrayed patricia clarkson as carrie's mother margaret white in carrie carrie (2002 tv film) carrie (2013 remake).
  • 10 differences between the 'carrie' remake & original 1976 it goes without saying that the following post contains spoilers for carrie and the 2013 carrie remake.

The carrie (2013) official movie trailer is packed with spoilers, so is it worth seeing the carrie remake, or renting the 1976 original. Carrie comparison: chloe grace moretz vs sissy spacek october 18 the 1976 carrie became known for its graphic nude scene in the director of the 2013. Carrie, starring chloë grace moretz and julianne moore this halloween, it’s humans vs vampires vs zombies vs aliens in an all-out war. In fact when they were planning to remake this version in 2013 he openly asked the question is why in the 1976 film version of carrie.

carrie 1976 vs 2013 Original vs remake: carrie welcome to another installment of original vs remake this month’s movie is carrie i will be talking about the 1976 original. Download
Carrie 1976 vs 2013
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